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When purchasing a home, buyers will hire a team of professionals – realtor, home inspector, banker and attorney.

Buying a car is the second largest investment one makes.

Why take this step without professional representation?

I formed this business in 2006 to cater to the needs of frustrated car shoppers. My obsession with cars began as a child when my father took me for a drive in his new Porsche 911 sports car. I loved the beautiful styling, the incredible handling and the sound of the engine. I own one of these extraordinary cars today.

Cars are my passion and I am curious about every aspect related to the automobile. I am also a weekend mechanic and enjoy using my knowledge to perform all of the maintenance and repairs on my own cars. During the warmer months I participate in organized high performance driving events where I get the thrill of exploring the limits of driving my car on a racetrack.

Buying a car should be fun but there are some aspects that many consumers dread.  I get frustrated hearing the same story again and again of people enduring long drawn out and stressful car buying experiences. In the end, they did not get the bargain or car they had hoped for. Why does this business model still exist? Because it makes money. Lots of it. My job as a seasoned pro and an industry insider, is to help you with your choice of vehicle and eliminate the angst and loss of your time and money.

I  love my job helping others. I purchase many cars a week with my clients and own a small car dealership so I am very well equipped to provide you the best insight and experience.

Let me be your personal car buying expert and consumer advocate. I’ll save you time, the hassle and a lot of money!

Scott Mabuchi