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Thank you for helping me find a really terrific new car. It is exactly what I wanted – and more. I know I did not make your job easy. I tend to buy cars and hold on to them for a long time so I was pretty particular about what I wanted. Being so specific of course means that there is limited inventory. You took on the challenge and found me exactly what I wanted. On top of that you managed to get me a great deal. I am quite certain that had I gone through a dealership I would have paid a premium not gotten under KBB resale value. The actual transaction part really could not have been smoother. To my amazement you worked my old car, with close to 200K miles on it, into the deal. Having now worked with you its hard to imagine buying a car any other way. I am very grateful. I think it goes without saying that I highly recommend your service.

Scott Blodgett

Tewksbury, MA

When I first heard of concierge car buying, I figured it was a service catered to the wealthy and not something that was feasible for me. But then someone turned me on to Scott The Car Guy. I read the reviews and thought it must be too good to be true. Scott got back to me right away, and was a pleasure to work with from the first interaction through to signing off on my new car. I marveled at the fact that purchasing a new vehicle took me all-in-all several emails back-and-forth with Scott, and 35 stress-free minutes at the dealership. I spent way less money and less time than I would have had I bought my car on my own. I was floored. I can’t shut up about it. WHY WOULD ANYONE BUY A CAR WITHOUT SCOTT’S HELP?!

Megan Brady

Cambridge, MA

Like many people, I find dealing with car dealers worse than a root canal. I had heard some commercials on the radio about firms that help you find a good new or used car and looked one of them up. The reviews were mixed on the first company, so I kept looking and came across Scott’s service. His reviews were glowing so I decided to give him a call. Scott described his service, which is finding out your wants and needs, then narrowing the list down to the models that best suit your needs. He then sets up test drives with local dealers (near you) and you try out the cars. The best thing was not having to deal with the salespeople. Scott set up the test drives, based on the cars I was interested in, and the salespeople gave me an informed demo and then followed up with Scott – not me. No harassment. Once I decided on the make / model, Scott checked out pricing. I hadn’t considered a new car at first, but Scott’s analysis showed that I was better off buying new rather than a car with 15K to 30K mileage that was only a couple thousand less than the new car price. We worked out what features I needed (roof rack, all-wheel drive, etc.), then Scott shopped around the dealers and found the best price for the exact car. At closing, Scott met me at the dealership and all the details were worked out beforehand – no last minute pressure to buy warranties, clear-coat, pre-paid maintenance, etc. – Scott had prepared me and it was fast and easy. I would have paid $495 just to avoid that, but with the cost savings and the advice, it was small money for such a big purchase. 
I can’t recommend him enough and I’m telling my friends who are in the market for a car that they’re crazy not to check out Scott first. It is a great service from a great guy.

Steve Andrews

Topsfield, MA

Working with Scott was by far the best experience I’ve ever had buying a car. He has a wealth of knowledge that the ordinary buyer simply doesn’t have, and he uses all of that to the benefit of his clients. Scott is highly available and ensures that his clients are well informed. From market research, to test drive, inventory search, offer, insurance, financing and delivery, Scott walks you through the entire process. The only time I went to a dealer was to test drive. After that, paperwork and delivery happened at my house! Scott is also very professional with the dealer network and builds & maintains good relationships that extend to his clients. A professional all around.

Besides the savings realized in the final offer, the value Scott provides far exceeds the cost of his services. I strongly recommend using him, and I certainly will on my next vehicle!

Matthew Conroy

Belmont, MA

I highly recommend working with Scott when you look to find your next car. He’s efficient, knowledgeable, and makes shopping for a car fun. In my case, I was looking for a sporty hybrid sedan that would be comfortable, offer high performance, and save gas (to help save money and our planet). I had done a fair amount of research on my own and had even done several test drives, and I thought I had a pretty good handle on the best choices. I ultimately bought a car that Scott recommended, and which I never would have considered, were it not for his wise advice: a sporty and affordable Honda Accord Hybrid.

For me, Scott’s biggest contribution was his advice and ability to sense the types of cars that you’re likely to want. That in itself is a great reason to hire him. But there are other reasons too. He’s very efficient, and will save you time by helping to schedule test drives and by helping to identify good prospects and rule out cars that aren’t worth considering. He won’t rush you, but he’ll make the entire process more streamlined.

Scott will also save you time and money by handling the final negotiations once you make a choice. On my car, he ended up getting an excellent deal, within just a couple of days after I made up my mind on what model I wanted. I don’t know for sure whether I could have negotiated an even lower price — but I am absolutely sure that if I were able to get a dealer down to that price, it would have taken multiple visits and conversations, and a lot of time. Unless you really enjoy haggling and have nothing better to do with your time, Scott will save you from that final (often painful) negotiating process.

Whether you’re a relative novice when it comes to cars or someone who’s very sophisticated and already knows what type of car you want, how you want to pay for it, etc., Scott will make the experience better and, in my case at least, help you find a car that you might not have found otherwise. I absolutely recommend his services!

David Friedman,

Newton, MA

Most people dread going to the dealer to go through the process of purchasing a car, but Scott made buying our car an easy and dare I say, “enjoyable” experience. His knowledge and expertise is unmatched! When we found the ‘hard to find’ car that I had been eyeing, not only did he test drive, inspect, negotiate, and guide us through the process, he stayed with us for an extended time frame and waited with us (beyond I’m sure the normal car purchase time frame) to make sure everything went smoothly. Scott is a true professional and makes himself available to all his clients for questions pre, during and post car sale and makes you feel that you are his number one priority.

We are extremely happy and satisfied and would highly recommend Scott “The Car Guy” to anyone looking to purchase a vehicle. I will never purchase a car again without Scott!!

Wanda Wallace,

Roslindale, MA

Scott made a stressful task of buying a car as smooth as it possibly could be. He found the exact car for me, got me the best deal and took care of all the details. His service and attention to detail was impeccable. I will gladly refer anyone I know, who is looking to buy a car, to Scott’s top notch, car buying expertise. Thank you, Scott!

Suzanne Dimack,

Arlington, MA

Scott the Car Guy takes away the pain and misery of looking for a new car at a fair price. I had delayed the inevitable search for months when a friend recommended Scott to me. Scott was terrific! Based on my car needs, he quickly came up with two recommendations, and I had a new car at a great price in less than a week. Scott was professional, friendly, helpful, honest–all qualities one would like to see more of in the car business. When I buy my next car, I will not hesitate to call Scott again.

Dan Wynekan,

Medford, MA

Who knew that buying a car could be so pain-free and easy?!!

We started the process with trepidation, having heard way too many horror stories.

Enter Scott, through a recommendation. The entire purchase project was completed to our complete satisfaction in a week. We got the car we wanted, without hassle, no time wasted, and at a better price than we had hoped for.

Scott is professional, he listens to his customers, is a pleasure to deal with, and he knows his business. We’re delighted to give Scott our highest recommendation.

Anne and Josh Beardsley
Arlington, MA

Two of our kids have recently used Scott to purchase a car. We needed to buy a vehicle and after their rave reviews, we decided to use Scott’s services. It was the best and easiest car buying experience that we have ever had. I told Scott that I would rather have a root canal than go through the tedium of the traditional car buying purchase.
Scott interviewed us to determine what we wanted and our budget and within a week, it magically appeared. His attention to detail is amazing and he listens to what his customers want . It is like having an advocate for us through the process. We will absolutely be using him again.

Kenneth Hersh

Fall River, MA

Scott made buying our minivan a breeze. With 2 young children and a new baby on the way, we didn’t have time/energy/patience to visit dealer after dealer. After discussing our needs, Scott found the van we were looking for, helped us acquire the loan, brought the paperwork to our home, and even transferred the plates – all while saving us money and allowing us to feel good about our decision. Worth every penny!

Michael Fel

Lexington, MA

I cannot recommend Scott highly enough!  My very old car was totaled and I was in desperate need of a new one. I had heard about Scott and called him. One of the problems was that I had no idea whether I wanted to buy or lease, or whether I wanted a new or used car. Scott patiently led me through the process and within five days I had test driven four cars and fallen in love with one. At that point Scott himself inspected the car, negotiated the deal, and went with me to sign the papers. The peace of mind alone of knowing that I got a better deal than I ever could have gotten on my own is worth the very reasonable fee that Scott charges.  He is a delightful guy and a pleasure to work with.”

Judith S.
, MA

“I was searching for a way to bypass all the games the dealerships play — get the car I want, post-negotiated price.  Then I came across Scott’s service and he’s excellent.  We buy a car every few years, like 99% of the population.  But Scott buys multiple cars per week, so he knows the deals, the games and where to get the best value.

I also figured I’d waste three weekends inside dealers’ shops negotiating a good price — The price, the service and the time saved were all well worth the price — and we have a very nice car!  Thank you Scott!”

Steve D.
Wellesley, MA

Hiring Scott was a wise decision. He paid attention to what I was looking for, had a good knowledge of what’s available, and was able to find the right car for me at a good price. He was easy to work with and took the stress out of car buying. I highly recommend his services!

Barbara B.
Lexington, MA

“Thanks so much for your help and advice! You got us the car we wanted at a great price, and the whole process was about as pain-free as it could be. We have friends who ordered an Outback in September at a higher price for the same trim and are still waiting for delivery. So thanks for your efforts. We really appreciate it. “

Brian B.
Concord, MA

“Thanks for sending the invoice.  My wife and I both reacted the same way immediately: you are undercharging!  You saved us a lot of time, aggravation, and hassle…and that peace of mind meant a lot to us!  It’s difficult to believe that we got a great car with so little unpleasantness…and saved money too! “

Lindsey K.
Cambridge, MA

“Definitely the easiest and most efficient way to purchase a vehicle! A little about Scott: He’s an utmost professional who LOVES his job. As he said to me: “I love my job — I get to buy a new car everyday!” For those of us who buy cars once or maybe twice a decade, hiring Scott is a no-brainer: who do you think will get a better deal? Us, the car-buying novice, or Scott, the guy who purchases a car a day? Amicable, prompt on email and phone, detailed, patient, and flexible. He makes a stressful experience completely stress free. I will be hiring Scott again when I purchase my next vehicle, new or used.”

Tom Mason, JR.
Lexington, MA

“Scott helped us through the entire process of buying a car, from making recommendations on which models we should consider, to arranging test drives, and completing the purchase at the dealership.

This was the most painless car-buying experience we’ve ever had. We called Scott and talked for about 20 minutes about what kind of car we wanted. He had good insights about all of the cars and helped us settle on two to test drive. He arranged test drives at two dealers in our area. He makes sure that there is no sales pressure during the test drives. Once we settled on a model to buy, Scott shopped around to find the best deal. He handled all of the negotiating of the new car and the trade-in. He got us a great price. It was much lower than what Truecar.com shows as “Unusually low price” for the car we selected. I’m sure that he saved us much more than his fee.

We met Scott at the dealership to complete the purchase. He sat with us, making sure that all of the numbers were correct (they weren’t, which apparently happens all the time). We didn’t have a lot of time because of other commitments so Scott chased people down to keep things moving along. Scott is great to work with. We’re telling everyone how easy the whole experience was. We’ll never buy a car without him again.”

Paula & Matt G.
Bedford, MA

I was dreading the process of buying a new car and then I heard about Scott.

He does exactly what he says he will do. First he helps you decide the type of car that you need, then sets up test drive appointments. This means you can skip the whole sales pitch you usually get when walking into a dealership. Once you decide on the car that you want, he does all the negotiating!!! If you don’t like doing that sort of thing, this is awesome! Finally he comes with you to sign all the paper work. I’m not sure I would have been strong enough to withstand the sales pitch you get at the end if Scott hadn’t been sitting there with me. During the entire process I felt like someone

had my back and something I thought would be super stressful wasn’t. He got me a great price on my new car and a good trade in on the old one. I highly recommend Scott.”

Cindy W.
Framingham, MA

Scott helped us to prioritise our needs for our new car and narrow down our choices.  He has a wealth of experience and knowledge about the car industry and we were able to narrow down our choices quickly after months of indecision.  Once we had decided on make and model, our work was over, Scott stepped in, negotiated with all of the local dealers in a 50 mile radius and nailed a great price.  

Member Comments: 

Scott loves cars and he really knows his stuff.  He has an encyclopedic knowledge of the car industry, car models, safety ratings, etc.  He is also very personable and very responsive to emails.  We met in person to discuss our needs (although he can work remotely too) and once we had chosen, we left all the negotiations to Scott.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a good negotiation and don’t shy away from dealerships, I’ve purchased 4 cars previously but it was very efficient to use Scott.  He accomplished in a day negotiations that would have taken me weeks going round to all the dealers, and I know his price was better than anything I could have achieved.  In sum, Scott buys many cars every week.  He gets great prices, saved us a lot of time and headache and ensured our trip to the dealership went without a hitch.  We hope to buy a second hand car for my husband next month and we will certainly be using Scott’s expertise again.  Scott saved us time and money, don’t hesitate to use him.”

Joanne W.
Belmont, MA

“If you live in the Boston area and need to buy a car, you should really hire Scott the Car Guy!  He basically does all of the work for you except for test-driving the car.   He is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and helpful.  He saved me thousands of dollars off of the sticker price of the car, and got me much more for my trade-in than I expected.  He was there for me every step of the way, and even came to the dealership when I signed the paperwork and picked up the car.  I had a lot of confidence in him and had a great car-buying experience because of him.  I cannot recommend him enough!”

Alison B.
Natick, MA

“As a retired businessman I’ve bought my share of cars. I was always thrilled with my new cars. However, I always walked away from the dealerships with the nagging feeling that I could have done better with my trade-in or the final price of the  car. I feel fortunate that I found Scott, the Car Guy. Scott has a passion for what he does and with dealing with his clients. Scott is a pleasure to work with. He first surveyed many dealerships in the area negotiating with each one until he found a dealership getting me the best deal for my car and saving me a substantial amount of money. He was attentive to my car buying needs, attending to all the little details.For example, before I signed off on the car he was at the dealership with me and examined all the paperwork for any discrepancies. Overall it was a pleasant experience. I wish I found Scott the Car Guy years ago.”

Steve G.
Belmont, MA

“My husband and I just bought a new car. We found Scott the Car Guy who (within 5 days) helped us find the exact car I wanted (not an easy feat), negotiated the price with a local dealer including our trade in, arranged tags and titles, and scheduled delivery. Soup to nuts, he handled it all. And got us a great price! He charges a flat fee and was totally worth it.

I am receiving no kickbacks for this reference. I was just really impressed with his prompt and timely service.”

M. Marsh
Wellesley, MA

“Hi Scott,
We love the Crosstrek! Thanks for your help with the transaction- it was the easiest and most pleasant car buying experience I’ve ever had and is the only time I feel like I got a transparent square deal. I also read that the Crosstrek is selling at 2x Subaru’s expectations – so thanks for grabbing the only black one on the east coast!”

Michael R..
Waban, MA

“The last time I purchased a car was about 10 years ago and I was not looking forward to doing this on my own. A friend told me about Scott The Car Guy and I am glad he did! Scott provided great insight on the vehicles I was interested in and pre-arranged several test drives to help me decide. In the end, I picked the Audi Q5 which I am told is very much in demand and low in supply. But Scott worked his magic and got me a great discount regardless of what I had heard at the dealer about pricing. He also negotiated the trade-in value of not one but two cars that I had in my family. If all that weren’t enough, he also joined me in the business managers office to double check all of the paperwork I was signing and provided advice on some of the service packages they were offering. It was all quick and painless! I was actually able to relax and enjoy buying my new car!”

Susan C.
Newton, MA

“I actually had a good experience buying a car this summer. I hired Scott the Car Guy to help me with the purchase, including a trade-in of my 13 year old Saab. He spared me hours of time and (literal and figurative) sweat. He gave me all the time I needed both by phone and email. Scott was more than patient. He was genuinely interested in helping me. I recouped his fee through what he saved me on the purchase of my new 2012 Subaru. 

Scott is Scott Mabuchi, a Lexington resident. He has a delightful personality and is very conscientious. He always did exactly what he promised. This included making appointments for me for test drives, negotiating the price, attending the actual car purchase.”
Lexington Community Web Board

Mary K.
Lexington, MA

As I’ve said many times, I truly could not have done it without you!!  You have an incredible capacity for listening both to what is and is not being said and to make perfect recommendations based on that and then to shift as you hear new information.  And, as you know, I was not looking forward either to getting rid of my car or going through the process of finding a new one.  So, I can’t thank you enough for all your patience, expertise and handholding throughout the process!!

With tons of appreciation and respect,”

Norm B.
Cambridge, MA

“Hi Scott –
Thanks for all your help!  You helped make sure we got the best vehicle for us – at a great price and good value for our Camry trade-in.  We are really looking forward to driving the X3.
Thanks again for everything.”

Ian Y.
Lexington, MA

“Outstanding job, Scott.  I am thrilled about the car and thank you for all of this.  Thank you for making it all possible.
I am so grateful to you!
There really is a SUPERMAN! “

Myrna L.
Marblehead, MA

“Our experience with Scott was tremendously satisfying. Faced with two people who had not owned a car in over 20 years (true story), Scott provided us with a great deal of much-needed information and advice in a short amount of time. We were in a bit of a rush, since we wanted to locate and buy the car in the space of one week between out-of-town trips. I sent an email to Scott the day before returning from the first trip. He had located the car we ended up buying by the very next day! He organized the test drive, checked the car’s mechanical condition and guided us through the negotiations with the dealership. It couldn’t possibly have been any smoother. Scott’s service is worth every penny! He made our first major car purchase a real pleasure.”

Greg W..
Cambridge, MA